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How To Play Super Bowl Squares

General Rules

The setup for Super Bowl Squares is simple. A grid consists of 10 vertical columns and 10 horizontal rows thatched together and each randomly numbered from zero to nine.

The AFC team is assigned to the columns; The NFC team is assigned to the rows.

At the end of each Quarter, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the Final Score, we track the corresponding row & column, using the singles digit from each team’s score. The resulting intersecting square is the winner for that Quarter. It is possible for a single square to win multiple times in the game.

The squares are numbered 1-100; as each square is bought, we insert the owner’s name.

Each square is priced equally. Participants can buy as many squares as are available in the grid.

The more squares that are bought, the greater the payout pool for the winners.

$5/$10 Boards

Obviously, each square costs either $5 or $10, depending on the board.

At the end of each Quarter, we track the score. Whoever owns the intersecting square wins the prize amount for that Quarter.

1st & 3rd Quarters each payout 12.5% of the total pool; the Half Time winner (2nd Qtr.) win 25% of the total pool; and the Final Score winner wins 50% of the total pool.
*NOTE: To keep things nice and neat, we roll up the prizes up or down to nearest $5 or $10 dollar. See the “sold out” examples below.

In the event that a winning square is not owned, the money rolls over to the next Quarter’s share.

Assuming a sold-out board, the payouts (applying roll-overs) are:

$5 Board

1st & 3rd Qtrs: $60

2nd Qtr: $130

Final Score: $250


$10 Board

1st & 3rd Qtrs: $125

2nd Qtr: $250

Final Score: $500


Touch Boards

Squares are $20/ea. The two big differences in Touch are:

you not only own your square, but you have a shared interest in the 4 squares above, below, and to the sides of your square. If you own an outer perimeter square, your 4th square is the opposite end of the affected row or column. In the case of corner squares, it will apply to both row and column.

All quarters payout equally.

Winning squares get 15% of the total pool value; and “touching” squares get 2.5%. As with the $5/$10 boards, if a board has not sold out and an unclaimed square wins a quarter, that money rolls over to the next quarter.

Assuming a sold-out board, the payouts (applying roll-overs) are:

Winning square: $300

Touching square: $50

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