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Gulfstream Pick ‘Em

In the Gulfstream League, we have weekly winners for each week of regular season play, and the sum of all post-season weeks, including the Super Bowl. There are a total of 285 games to pick each season; 18 regular season weeks and Week 19 being all of post-season. In addition, we have a Season Total Picks Champion (STPC), which is more or less double the weekly pool. It’s highly unlikely, but if there were multiple members tied at the end of the season, the STPC prize would be split evenly amongst them.

You make a full-season contribution of $100 before the first game, or through the end of September for stragglers (unusual, but not unheard of). We can’t calculate the weekly pay-out until we have a final roster count, including rebates (see below). That also gives us time to collect from all the members. We start paying out as of Oct. 1 for September, and then typically weekly after that.

We encourage all of our members to recruit their family, friends, and complete strangers to join our Pick ‘Em league. We rebate $10 back to every member, for each new recruit they refer. The recruit must be paid in full before a rebate is earned; and of course, the recruiting member must be paid in full before a rebate is issued. NOTE: well-meaning recruiters may misconstrue this to mean they can “self-credit” themselves. Not the case. PAID. IN. FULL. Just sayin’. And to be clear, the rebate is ONLY for members already registered (as in paid in full) in Pick ‘Em, for recruiting new members into Pick ‘Em.

End of Sermon. May God Be With You.

Below are the rules (settings) for our Pick ‘Em. We use the PoolTracker website to organize our league, make picks & track results. Whomever their system declares the winner to be, we so abide. The settings below are subject to change per PoolTracker, so the final word on any disputes is governed by their published settings for our group. We’ll keep these up to date, to the best of our occasionally sober ability.

Setting Description
Tournament: NFL Pickem Regular Season + Playoffs
Pool Name: Gulfstream League Pick ‘Em
Pool ID: 206145
Pool Password: chunkylummox
Created: 7/29/2022 12:25:05 PM
Scoring Option: Pick em Against The Spread (ATS)
» All games are picked against half-point spreads
» 1 point for each correct pick
» How it works: Picking Against the Spread

  • Picking against the spread is where you try to determine which team will cover the spread; not necessarily which team will win.
  • While certain teams will win their game, they will not “cover the spread”, and thus if the team is selected it will count as a loss.
  • Example
    • The home team is favored by 16.5 points (-16.5)
    • The home team beats their opponent by 8 points (31 to 23), but, the home team’s spread was (-16.5), so, when picking against the spread, the home team’s score was 14.5 (31 minus 16.5), which is less than their opponent’s score of 23.
    • This means anyone who picked the home team to win by 16.5 points or more was incorrect, since they only won by 8 points
Tie Breaker:

Total Cumulative Score of Last Game ListedAllow duplicates:

    » Any player in the pool can pick any tie breaker value for each week.

Tie Breakers are calculated as follows:
If multiple players are tied for the highest points for any given week (or for the championship game in tournament type pools), the player with the closest tie breaker prediction, regardless if they are over or under, to the actual tie breaker value is the winner. If multiple players are still tied, then the player who entered their tie breaker value first*, wins.* = The player with the earliest date/timestamp for entering their picks.

Please note that the date/timestamp is updated every time a player’s picks and/or tie breaker are edited.

Number of Weeks in Season: 22
Number of Weeks your pools is comparing for the over-all Season Title: 22
Picks Deadline: Each game’s scheduled start